● Frequently Asked Questions


Last updated:  June 25, 2012







By what date do I need to commit and send in my money?

There is no formal cutoff date, but for planning purposes (various meals, staff, photo name badges, gifts for class members, etc.), the sooner, the better.


Contribution per event?

Is the $62 per person contribution per event, or is there one fee for the whole weekend?

The $62 covers you for all reunion events.  Though the costs are greater than $62 per person, the difference is being covered by donations.




Can I make a donation to help defray expenses or to help some of my classmates attend the reunion?

The Reunion cost per person was kept purposely modest to help make this reunion affordable for everyone.  Some people are making donations to help defray the costs, thus making it possible for classmates who otherwise might not be able to attend the reunion if the individual cost was higher.  Therefore, your donations above and beyond the $62 contribution are appreciated by all concerned.



Net proceed remaining?

What happens to any net proceeds remaining (after paying the out-of-pocket expenses)?

Those proceeds will be donated to ETHS.



Where do I mail my contribution and possible donation?

Contribution and donations can be mailed to:

ETHS Class of '62

2677 Orrington Ave.

Evanston, IL   60201


Can I pay online?

Though our website is pretty slick, it is not set up to accept payments online.  However, if you need to, you can use the PayPal account of one of our volunteers.  If you need this service, please e-mail that request to:  ethsclasssof62.com



Tickets for the Reunion event?
As was the case for prior reunions, there are no tickets, per se.   Your name badge will be made as a result of you submitting a contribution.  It is for this reason, as well as planning the various meals, arranging for staff, ordering gifts for class members, etc. that we need to have your commitment to attend (in the form of a financial contribution) ASAP. 


Should I invite my spouse/significant other?

Your spouse/significant other is very welcome, although we have found that in our previous reunions, most classmates do come on their own. It’s your decision. Per Reunion Letter #2:

ØClass members always enjoy reunions – spouses might not.

ØA trip through The Twilight Zone is sometimes best traveled alone.


At the last reunion, 70% of class members did come solo.


Therefore, it has been found that the above approach has allowed class members to feel comfortable coming on their own even though their spouse or significant other has chosen not to attend the reunion.   Also, this approach has allowed unmarried class members (widows, widowers, divorcees, never been married) to feel comfortable coming on their own. 



Rental Car?

Will I need to rent a car to get to all the events?

The Friday and Saturday evening events (see “Event Details” on this website) are both in the downtown Evanston area.  The lakefront run/walk is just a few blocks east of downtown.  The Saturday lunch at the high school is about one mile west of downtown.  For those who choose not to walk to the lunch, taxies will be available (starting at 11:30) in front of the four downtown hotels.  You might want to share a taxi with a classmate to save money and enjoy the company of other class members.  After lunch, there will be taxis at the high school for those who choose not to walk back to their hotels.


Reunion Book attending?

I'm coming to the Reunion.  How can I get a Reunion Book?

Books will be available at the Reunion at no additional cost for attendees.


Reunion Book not attending?

I’m unable to attend the Reunion.  Can I still obtain a Reunion Book?

Yes, fill out your questionnaire, and there is a place to indicate that you want a Reunion Book.  You can send $10 to help cover printing and postage.



Reunion Book When will it be available?

The Reunion Book will be made available at each of the reunion events (except the walk/run), starting with the grade school reunions.  For out-of-towners, upon their arrival, the book will be at the front desk of each of the four downtown Evanston hotels. 


Suggested Attire?

What is the “dress code?”

Although we’re beyond dress codes, given past reunions, most people will tend to dress casually for Friday evening and will tend to dress up a bit more for Saturday evening.


Someplace to change clothes?

I live in the Chicago area and plan to come to the various events on Saturday but don't want to go home to changes clothes.  Will there be someplace to change clothes for Saturday evening? 

Yes, the bathrooms at the Women's Club would be appropriate to use as a changing room, with the women's facilities being nicer.  



Commuting to the reunion?

I live almost an hour away from Evanston I don't like the idea of driving round-trip each day any suggestions?

Yes, treat yourself to a vacation -- book yourself into one of the local hotels or stay with a friend or relative.  You will have a much better time and avoid drinking & driving.  Consider the following:  There are class members who are coming from California, and they are booking a hotel room.  Why not do the same for yourself?  You deserve it.  Save money and share a room with an old friend.


Attend which events?

Will I enjoy the reunion by attending only the Saturday night "Big Event?”

You will enjoy the reunion no matter what event(s) you attend.  However, there is something special about arriving for the first event and attending the subsequent events.  You get into the rhythm of the festivities and better appreciate the whole reunion experience.