■ Letter 6

Reunion Letter #6

(June 26, 2012 – two days to go)


Dear Classmate,


Some more final details:


Hotels – two spare hotel rooms on hold

We have managed to reserve two of the last hotel rooms available in Evanston.  Also, we have them at the discounted Reunion rates:

n  A room with two double beds at the Best Western ($99 per night).

n  A room with one queen bed at the Homestead ($100 per night).

If you would like one of these rooms, please contact us ASAP.  Otherwise, we will need to release those rooms to the general public. 


Complementary 3-day Workout Passes

For those who are interested in working out during your visit to Evanston, we have acquired complimentary 3-day workout passes at LA Fitness, which is located in the heart of downtown Evanston (near the intersection of Church and Sherman).  It’s a large facility, offering a wide variety of fitness equipment, machines, a swimming pool, a gymnasium, and classes of all kinds, including stretching (yoga), etc.  If you are interested, please e-mail us, and we will arrange to get you your pass.


Friday Evening Reunion Event – nearby construction

As a reminder, click on the following link for details concerning the Friday night Reunion event:  http://www.ethsclassof62.com/-event-details

Please note that there is now some construction going on at this beautiful building.  Therefore, whether you are driving or walking to the building, to enter the building and avoid that construction, please follow the orange & blue balloons.  You can enter the building from the front side (the Sheridan Road side), or you can enter the building from the back side (the south side) of the building. 


Weekend Weather Forecast

The weather in Evanston is now spectacular, but as we move closer to the weekend, it’s supposed to get hot – dress accordingly.  We are pleased to report that our venues are air conditioned, with our Saturday night venue (The Women’s Club) having had air conditioning installed in recent years.


Do you have any questions?

We are still getting questions that make it seem as if class members are not getting our communications and/or might not have visited the Reunion website.  Therefore, we suggest you click on the following link:

Specifically, we recommend you review the following webpages (listed on the side bar of the Reunion website):

  • Communications – the various letters
  • Event Details
  • Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions, plus others, are addressed on those webpages.  After reading those pages, if you have any questions, please contact us.

See you soon,

ETHS Class of ’62


info@ethsclassof62.com   (Reunion e-mail address)

http://www.ethsclassof62.com   (Reunion website address)

“Emergency” phone numbers:  312-342-8700 and 847-630-2411

Suggestion:  Enter these emergency numbers into your cell phone contact list.