■ Letter 2

 Originally posted 2/28/12; last revised 6/23/12
Reunion Letter #2  
Dear Classmate,

If you haven't already booked your flights & hotel for our upcoming Reunion (June 28-30, 2012), NOW is the time.  To delay making reservations will limit your choices and will cost more money – It's the nature of the travel industry.   If you're not staying with a relative or friend, see the side bar to the left or click here for hotel accommodations at discounted rates (first-come, first served).


Here are some additional details:


The Events:

·         Thursday night, 7:00 Grade School "reunions" (K-6th grades) -- Dutch treat.
·         Friday evening, 6:00 Reception and dinner, etc.

·         Saturday morning, 10:00 A run for some; a walk for most, along our beautiful lakefront.  It will be a great venue to casually walk & talk, all                 in a serene atmosphere.

·         Saturday, 12:00 noon A gourmet lunch at the high school – As in the past, after lunch, class members will tend to wander towards                                     downtown and socialize the afternoon away, nap, and then go nuts that evening – Can we still get wild at our age???
·         Saturday evening, 6:30 The Big Event with dinner, etc.
Consider arriving on or before Thursday, June 28.  If you are traveling some distance, you might want to consider arriving early (on or before Thursday afternoon) so as to be well-rested for the weekend of festivities.  Additionally, Evanston and Chicago have undergone significant architectural changes in recent years – come early and/or stay beyond Sunday, and be a tourist – Chicago is a short train-ride away.  Also, you will likely have more choices of flights on Wednesday and Thursday than on Friday.  Ideally, arrive in time to attend your grade school reunion.
No need to rent a car.   Most of our Reunion events will be within walking distance of the downtown hotels.  If you prefer not to walk to the Saturday Reunion lunch at the high school, there will be cabs in front of the four primary Evanston hotels (listed on the Reunion website under Accommodation Suggestions), starting at 11:45 a.m.  You can share a cab with other classmates staying at your hotel.
Contribution:  $62 per person.  However, if you are experiencing tough economic times, we are taking the same approach as in the past whereby any contribution down to $25 per person is fine.  (Some class members are making donations so as to make this Reunion affordable for everyone.)  Please make your check payable to "ETHS Class of ’62" and send your $62/person contribution to:
ETHS Class of ’62

2677 Orrington Ave.

Evanston, IL   60201
Final Details to Come:  Prior to the Reunion, for those who have committed to attending the Reunion, we will send final details. So we can plan dinners, prepare photo name badges, and organize other details, your commitment ASAP is greatly appreciated.
Spouses, Significant Others, etc.:   As with prior reunions, spouses and significant others are welcome.  However, class members should also feel comfortable coming on their own.  To borrow two phrases from our past letters for other reunions:

Ø      Class members always enjoy reunions – spouses might not.

Ø      A trip through The Twilight Zone is sometimes best traveled alone.
At the last reunion, 75% of class members did come solo.
Want company or want to economize?   Share a hotel room and/or share a cab to & from the airport with a friend. 

Please periodically review our website:  http://www.ethsclassof62.com :

  • Updated correspondence.
  • List of "Missing" class members – this list changes frequently as we add class members to the list (people who we thought we had found, but then we later discover that their contact information is invalid).

Reunion Book:  A reunion book will be made available at the beginning of the Reunion – a questionnaire (to serve as a basis for that Reunion Book)will be e-mailed to you in the near future.   


Finally, we need your help – please: 

  • E-mail us any contact information (e-mail addresses, street addresses, and phone numbers) of any “missing” class members.
  • Our Mission:  To give every class member the opportunity to attend his/her high school reunion whether they attend or not is, of course, their decision.  Please contact a relative or mutual friend of those on the missing list – someway, we should be able to locate every class member.  
  • Okay, not convinced?  Let's try this one:  Remember, someone found you.  Now, please return the favor, and find at least one “missing” class member.
We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Thank you and all the best,
ETHS Class of ’62

info@ethsclassof62.com     (our e-mail address)