■ Letter 1

 Originally posted 5/25/11; last revised 6/23/12
Reunion Letter #1 


Dear Classmate:

We are happy to say that we have made it this far in our lifetimes to be able to attend our 50-year high school reunion in the year 2012.  It seems like just yesterday, and not a half century ago, when we were roaming the halls of ETHS.  How has the time gone by so quickly?  Well, on Thursday evening, June 28, 2012, you can begin to find out.

And on Sunday, July 1, 2012, you will find yourself saying,  “How did the weekend go by so fast – I don’t want it to end.”  As the contemporary philosopher and author Robert Fulghum wrote, one of the nine things you should do in your life is:  “Attend the 25-year reunion of your high school class.”  This recommendation goes double for a 50-year reunion.

Our definition of a “class member”:  Anyone who was in our class at one time or another.  If they did not actually graduate with us in June 1962 for whatever reason, they are still considered class members and are invited to attend the Reunion.  If they moved away before graduation, graduated late, graduated early, never graduated, transferred schools, etc., they are still considered class members and are invited to attend the reunion.

First, we need your help finding "unlocated" class members.  Our goal is to give every class member the opportunity to attend this milestone event.

But for now, we need your help just to be able to offer that opportunity to all our class members.  After all, it would be a shame if any one of our classmates didn’t have the chance to attend his/her high school reunion.  Among all of us, we know where each and every class member is.  Together, we can do it.

To help in this process, please visit our Reunion website:  www.ethsclassof62.com.  This website will be periodically updated.  When you go to the website, please review the "Missing List" and the "Needed E-Mail Address" list, and supply any contact information you can.  These two lists are described in the sidebar on the left side of the website as follows:

  Information Needed – Help!
  ■  Missing List – No Information of Any Kind
  Needed – E-Mail Addresses


Also, please e-mail us your current street address and phone numbers (home, work, and cell) and full name, including middle name, nickname, and maiden name.
Because we are trying to do communications via e-mail and our website, having current e-mail addresses is particularly important.
As in the past, a reunion book will be made available at the Reunion and available to mail to interested class members who are not able to attend the Reunion.  In the near future, we will encourage you to send us information about your life experiences to be included in the Reunion Book, but for now, we are just trying to locate people and asking them to save the date.

We look forward to your reply by return e-mail.

Kind regards to all,

ETHS Class of '62

info@ethsclassof62.com      (our e-mail address)