■ Letter 3

Originally posted 5-2-12; last revised 6-23-12
Reunion Letter #3


Dear Classmate,


The Reunion is just around the corner.  As a reminder, it is advised to periodically visit the Reunion website (http://www.ethsclassof62.com), which is frequently updated with new information.  You will also see that a questionnaire is posted on the website.


When you complete this questionnaire and submit it, it will be used to create the Reunion Book.  Therefore, whether you plan to attend the Reunion or not, please fill out this questionnaire.  You will be able to complete the questionnaire online and click on “Submit” – it’s easy – it’s actually very slick and even fun.  A number of people have already filled it out, and the system is working well.


As with past reunions, the Reunion Book will be available at the start of the Reunion.  Therefore, please complete your questionnaire ASAP so the book can be created and printed in order to make sure that it is available at the start of the Reunion.


If you are not attending the Reunion and would like a Reunion Book, there is a checkbox in the questionnaire so a book can be reserved and mailed to you. 



·         Periodically visit the website for new & updated information.  Since our last correspondence, there are three new sections:

§  The above-mentioned questionnaire.

§  Event Details.

§  Frequently Asked Questions.

·         Adjust your spam filter to allow receipt of e-mails from our Reunion e-mail address:  info@ethsclassof62.com

·         Mail in your contribution ASAP – meals, photo name badges, etc. need to ordered and made.  Mailing address: 
                                ETHS Class of '62
                                2677 Orrington Ave.
                                Evanston, IL   60201

·         Book your hotel accommodations soon – the hotels will release the discounted, blocked rooms sometime in the latter half of May.

·         Help find missing class members – Remember, someone found you.  Now, please return the favor.  Even if you find just one “missing” person, that would be great.  The current “Missing” list is on the Runion website (which is frequently updated) – please see the sidebar on the left side of the Reunion website (http://www.ethsclassof62.com), and then click on:   Missing – No Contact Information of Any Kind


To supplement our prior communications concerning Reunion event details, please note the following:


THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 7:00 p.m.


Grade School (K - 6th grades) Reunions

Back by popular demand!


As originally conceived and described in the Alumni Association’s newsletter (The Kit) and on the ETHS website (dating back to May 2011), we are indeed proceeding with the grade school (K-6th grades) “reunions” on Thursday evening.  For many, those grade school experiences were some of the most profound and memorable experiences of our lifetimes.  (Read:  All I Need to Know I learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum.)


For those who did not attend grade school in Evanston, please feel free to attend any of the grade school functions – we adopt everyone.


Individual grade school “reunions” will be at various restaurants scattered around downtown Evanston.  [Later, it was determined that with 19 grade schools, some of them having small classes, it made more sense to group grade school gatherings into two different venues:  North Evanston grade schools and South Evanston grade schools.]


Dutch treat -- you're on your own.


Specific venue locations will be posted on the website and later mailed for the following elementary schools:


  • Central
  • College Hill
  • Dawes
  • Dewey
  • Foster
  • Haven  (the elementary school portion)
  • Lincoln
  • Lincolnwood
  • Miller
  • Noyes
  • Oakton
  • Orrington
  • St. Athanasius (the elementary school portion)
  • St. Mary's  (the elementary school portion)
  • St. Nicholas  (the elementary school portion)
  • Washington
  • Willard

Did we miss any elementary schools?

Think you can’t attend the Reunion because of other travel plans, but there is a way:  Consider flying a “circle-route” rather than two “round-trip” flights.  For example, consider:
  • flying LA-Denver-Chicago-LA
  • or
  • flying LA-Chicago-Denver-LA
  • making Chicago your first or second stop. 
  • Flying a circle-route makes it possible to be at the Reunion for one or more of the Reunion events and still attend to your other plans.


Setup & Decorations:  If you are interested in helping setup and decorate the Friday and Saturday night venues, please drop us a note or e-mail, and we will put you in touch with other interested class members so you can plan decorations wherever your creative minds take you.  Please plan to meet at the respective venues at 3:00 on Friday and 3:30 on Saturday.  If nothing else, you will have fun being creative and socializing with other class members.


Greeting Table:  If you are interested in greeting class members, checking them in, distributing photo name tags and Reunion Books, etc., please drop us a note or e-mail.  Please plan to meet at the respective venues at 5:30 p.m. on Friday and 6:00 p.m. on Saturday. 


Limited number of original 1962 ETHS yearbooks (The Key) available:  If you are interested in purchasing an original 1962 yearbook ($15 each), please so indicate on your questionnaire, and you can pick it up at the Reunion, or it will be mailed to you.  First come, first served (another reason and an incentive to complete your questionnaire sooner rather than later).  When we sell out, your name will be placed on a waiting list in case someone changes his/her mind.


If you don’t have a computer:  As you know, now that we are full-speed into the electronic age, we are trying to do everything online (except for financial transactions).  However, we understand that not everyone is quite there yet.  Therefore, for those of you who do not have a computer (and don’t have someone who can help you tour the Reunion website and complete the questionnaire online), please feel free to mail us (ETHS Class of '62, 2677 Orrington Ave., Evanston, IL  60201), and we will mail you a hard copy of the questionnaire, event information, discounted hotel information, and any other information you need.


Thank you and kind regards to all, 


ETHS Class of ’62


info@ethsclassof62.com      (e-mail address)