■ Letter 5

Originally posted June 17, 2012; Last revised 6-23-12

Reunion Letter #5



By e-mail if we have your email address;

by U.S. Mail only if we do not have your e-mail address.



Dear Classmate,


The time is near! Very near, and we are ready.  Here are a few final details, thoughts, and suggestions.


Send Reservation Fee

We are still accepting checks which will serve as your reservation to attend one or all Reunion functions.  Our turnout is going to be excellent.  Send your $62 per person contribution ASAP, made payable to “ETHS Class of ’62” at the address below.  We need your “reservation” for planning purposes (meals, photo name tags, gifts, etc.)


See Website

Our website (www.ethsclassof62.com) is updated frequently and should be checked often.  Importantly, we had previously considered having individual grade school gatherings.  However, with 19 grade schools, some of them having small classes, it makes sense to group grade school gatherings into two venues on Thursday evening (North Evanston grade schools and South Evanston grade schools).  Please see the website for details, even if you did not go to grade school in Evanston – there is a place for you. 


Questionnaire Completed?

If you have not yet completed the online questionnaire, please go to the Reunion website (link:  http://www.ethsclassof62.com/questionnaire), and complete the questionnaire ASAP.  If you have completed the questionnaire, your responses will be included in the Reunion Book. 


How many people have completed the questionnaire to date?     247!



Not Attending?  Reunion Books

If you cannot attend and if you want a Reunion Book mailed to you, please send in your check for $10 to the address below.  We go to press just before the Reunion, and the books will be mailed soon after the Reunion.


Bring Memorabilia & Old Photos

Please bring any old photos (especially grade school class photos) or other memorabilia for display on a table that will be set up for this purpose.  We suggest you scan your photos, and bring only those copies, keeping the originals.


See Map

Attached is a map of the Reunion events.  See the Reunion website for additional details and maps.




Finally, thank you to all the people who have donated above and beyond the $62 per person figure.  Your generosity has enabled us to keep the reservation fee low, thus making this Reunion affordable to all.


See you soon!


ETHS Class of ’62


ETHS Class of ’62

2677 Orrington Ave.

Evanston, IL  60201


info@ethsclassof62.com      (Reunion e-mail address)


“Emergency” phone numbers:  312-342-8700 and 847-630-2411

Suggestion:  Enter these emergency numbers into your cell phone contact list.