■ Letter 4

Originally posted 5-23-12;  last revised 6-23-12
Reunion Letter #4



Dear Classmate,


From May 27 to May 30, the “holds” on the discounted blocks of hotel rooms will be released to the general public.  Therefore, if you have not yet made your reservations, you are encouraged to make your hotel reservations soon.  For your convenience, please click on the following link: http://www.ethsclassof62.com/accomodation-suggestions.



If you have any questions, please visit the Reunion website:  http://www.ethsclassof62.com.   Most of your questions are answered right there, other than:   What is the meaning of life?

Other final reminders:

  • Many class members have already completed the online questionnaire for the Reunion Book.  For those who have not, please complete the questionnaire, whether you are attending the Reunion or not – click on the following link:  http://www.ethsclassof62.com/questionnaire.
  • You will notice that the “missing” list has shrunk considerably – thank you for your help.  To see the list of “missing” class members, please click on the following link: http://www.ethsclassof62.com/missing-classmates/missing-list----no-contact-information-of-any-kind2.   To help find the remaining “missing,” please contact a relative or a friend of that “missing” classmate, or e-mail us that lead, and we will do the follow-up work.
  • Adjust your spam filter to allow receipt of e-mails from the Reunion e-mail address:  info@ethsclassof62.com.
  • If you haven’t done so already, please mail your contribution ASAP to: 
                                ETHS Class of '62
                                2677 Orrington Ave.
                                Evanston, IL  60201
                We need your commitment to arrange for meals, photo name badges, etc.


Whether you are attending the reunion or still debating the subject, consider the following:

  • Student X will definitely be at this Reunion.   Who is Student X?   He grew up under tough circumstances, has an average intelligence, never earned much money, and never achieved great status, but he has managed to become one of the happiest people around.   If only each of us could be as happy as Student X.   We look forward to seeing you, Student X, at the Reunion, and please impart some tidbit of wisdom to bring the rest of us a step closer to finding nirvana.

  • Think back a mere 63 +/- years ago to when we were in kindergarten.   Then, there were the good old days of first grade when we learned to read:   “See Dick run.   See Jane run.   See Dick and Jane run.”   Let us not pass up this opportunity to be together as a class at least one more time, to have fun, to laugh, to feel young, to be young, and to enjoy life to its fullest in the here-and-now.

  • When you attend this Reunion, be mindful of one of the great joys of attending any reunion:   It’s not just seeing old friends, though that experience alone will be great, but it’s talking with classmates who you barely knew or didn’t know at all, only to find out what nice people they are (and they were always nice) – we were just too busy or not open-minded enough to enjoy the company of a variety of people.   Youth really is wasted on the young. Ahhhhhhhhh, to be young again (and know what we know now).   On June 28, you will have that opportunity again.

  • Where are we now, and how did we get there?   Take a trip down memory lane, and begin to discover those answers for yourself on June 28.


All the best,

ETHS Class of ’62

info@ethsclassof62.com        (Reunion e-mail address)