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Last updated:  June 26, 2012
ETHS Class of '62
50-Year Reunion
Reunion Events
June 28 - June 30, 2012



Thursday, June 28, 7:00 p.m.


Grade School Reunions
Dutch treat -- you're on your own.
(At one point in time, we had considered having individual grade school gatherings.  However, with 19 grade schools, some of them having small classes, it makes sense to group grade school gatherings into two different venues.)
North Evanston grade schools, many of which fed into Haven Junior High, will meet at:
Celtic Knot
back room
626 Church St.
  • Baker  (the elementary school at National College of Education) 
  • College Hill
  • Foster  (most Foster kids went to Haven, but if you went to Nichols, you might prefer to go to the South Evanston grade school venue)
  • Haven  (the elementary school portion)
  • Lincolnwood
  • Noyes
  • Orrington
  • St. Athanasius
  • Willard
South Evanston grade schools, many of which fed into Nichols Junior High, will meet at:
Tommy Nevin's Pub
"Banquet Room" (3rd room to the north of main entrance)
1454 Sherman Ave.
  • Bethlehem Lutheran
  • Central
  • Dawes
  • Dewey
  • Lincoln
  • Miller
  • Oakton
  • St. Mary's
  • St. Nicholas
  • Washington 
If you first attended an Evanston school starting with Haven Junior High, we suggest you go to the Celtic Knot described below.
If you first attended an Evanston school starting with Nichols Junior High, we suggest you go to Tommy Nevin's Pub as described below.
For those who did not attend K - 8th grades in Evanston, please feel free to attend any of the grade school functions -- we adopt everyone.

Friday, June 29, 6:o0 p.m. 
Opening Evening
Dress is casual. 
Dinner & cash bar


SAE National Headquarters

     1856 Sheridan Rd. (between Hinman Ave. & Chicago Ave.)

     Panhellenic Room (lower level)

     Enter from the south side (the back side) of the building or at the main entance in front of the building (along Sheridan Road) -- orange & blue balloons will mark the way.


Parking:   Parking lot behind the building (south) and on side streets (particularly, along Hinman Ave. and along Chicago Ave.).


Note:   As of June 22, 2012, there is some construction going on at this beautiful building -- following the orange & blue balloons should help you avoid the construction zones.


Friday night event
Friday night event photo

Saturday, June 30, 9:45 / 10:00 a.m.  
The Lakefront sit/walk/run


Sit, walk, or run along the lakefront (Dawes Park).


9:45 a.m. -- Meet up with other classmates in front of your respective hotels and walk down to the lakefront location described immediately below.


10:00 a.m. -- Meet at the concession building at the north end of The Lagoon, even with Church St.  (This building has bathrooms -- important, particularly at our age.)  Also, there are some benches nearby for those who prefer to sit, talk, and enjoy this beautiful lake that we might have taken for granted as kids growing up. 


Parking:  Along Sheridan Rd. and side streets.

At the last reunion, we walked/ran north along the lake.  This time, we will walk/run south to Clark Square Park (immediately south of Main Street), circle the park (counter-clockwise), and head back north to the concession building in Dawes Park (total distance = 2.1 miles).


Best Western guests:   For those of you who are staying at the Best Western and didn't drive to the lakefront (and depending upon time and your plans to attend the reunion lunch at the high school), as we return north back to Dawes Park, you might choose to walk west at Lake Street, saving you four blocks and 15 minutes. 


Saturday walk at the lakefront

Saturday, June 30, 12:00 noon 





     The Terrace (the staff dining room -- signs will direct you)

     1600 Dodge Ave.

     Enter from the back (west) side of the school through the entrance entitled "Francis L. Bacon School."


     1:15 -- Tour of the high school.


Starting at 11:30 a.m., cabs will be available at the four downtown Evanston hotels.  For camaraderie and to save money, share a cab with other classmates staying at your hotel.


Parking:    Parking is available just to the west of the entrance described above.


Evanston Township High School.



Saturday, June 30, 6:30 p.m.  

The Big Event


Dinner & cash bar

The Women’s Club of Evanston

     1702 Chicago Ave.

      (northwest corner of Church St. & Chicago Ave.)


Of all the places we have had reunions, the Women's Club was the best -- now, it is even better, as described below.  For those who missed that 37.5-year reunion (and there are many newcomers who have never even attended a Class of '62 reunion), you now have the opportunity to visit this Evanston Landmark.


For those who did attend that prior reunion, be prepared for some changes -- It is now:

  • On the National Registry of Historic Places.
  • Winner of the 2011 Preservation and Design Award for Proper Rehabilitation/Restoration.
  • Air-conditioned.
  • Has an elevator.

Parking:  An indoor parking garage is located across the street from the Women's Club in the Evanston Place apartment building at 1715 Chicago Ave.  The actual garage entrance is at 525 Church St.  The approximate parking fee for 5 to 6 hours is $6.00.


Street parking is also available.  It is coin-metered until 9:00 p.m.  In addition, the City of Evanston has a large parking lot adjacent to the Club (behind & east of the Evanston Public Library) that is open to the public.  This parking lot is also coin-metered (until 9:00 p.m.).


Note:  There is a 2-hour limit at these parking meters.  Therefore, it is more convenient to use the indoor parking garage referred to above and avoid having to feed the meter.